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The painter zhou chunya: China's most expensive living artists




    Zhou chunya was born in chongqing, who now lives in chengdu, a prominent Chinese contemporary artists, hurun list released since 2008, except in 2011, zhou chunya has remained the top 10 ranking. In 2013, zhou chunya is more to the total turnover of 470 million yuan for the first time become China's most expensive living artists, is the youngest in almost three years living artists "draft".




    Zhou chunya's success comes from pure love for art. Rest before he said: "I don't know painting can be sold, but I still insist on painting."


    "I'm not a genius, success comes from adhere to the"


    For the evaluation of "genius", zhou chunya don't like: "say 'success' a bit for play, I'm not a genius, really. A lot of people may be a genius, but they did not insist, the talent lost. I just have been sticking to it."


    Insist, as zhou chunya "genius have a good painter" definition. However, with a lot of people insist to do something different for a certain purpose, zhou chunya painting out of pure "love". Even once poor and desperate, he also doesn't matter, and very hard, very excited: "not hard, because now the market is very good rest before I don't know painting can be sold, but I still insist on painting."




    When it comes to China the title of "the most expensive living artists", zhou chunya thinks the market situation is too complex, artists should not be too much concerned about the market price of the works. "You say of van gogh's works market is good now, but van gogh was alive, has sold only a picture." Zhou chunya, said don't care about it is impossible to completely, but the main focus of the artist's should be on creation. "Can bring a lot of surprise to himself, peers, academics, a breakthrough on academic, this is very important."


    A considerate gentle enthusiasm, could live a luxury villa


    In the eyes of the public, the artist is maverick, shi snobbery, out-of-touch, and zhou chunya doesn't give a person the feeling. He is considerate, gentle, enthusiasm, he with chengdu media has maintained a very friendly relationship, he founded the psychological rehabilitation therapy for earthquake disabled students and artistic skills training of multicoloured fund, he will use to buy paintings to help young artists, he will be dedicated to fly to Hong Kong for many years ago to buy his picture gallery owners pay tribute, he will personally writing an article for the teacher's painting exhibition.

  相较于周春芽的艺术成就和作品在拍卖市场上的天价交易额,他似乎显得特别的普通。“他对生活完全没有要求。”周春芽的夫人浅浅这样说。   记者见到的周春芽,穿着朴素,端着几块钱的杯子喝水,把工作室的一隅拿来当客厅。这个客厅里也只有布沙发、茶几以及到处堆着的画册、书。他的工作室就是他的家,里面没有任何装饰,白墙、水泥地板、日光管,周围挂着大幅大幅的画,足以吸引到访者的所有目光。

    Compared to zhou chunya's artistic achievements and works in the auction market size, he seemed particularly common. "He's no requirement to life." About zhou chunya's wife said. Reporters saw zhou chunya, dressed in plain, with a few dollars cup of water and bring in a corner of the studio when the sitting room. The only cloth in the sitting room sofa, tea table and brochures, books piled everywhere. His studio is his home, there is no any decoration, white wall, cement floor, daylight tube, sharply is hung around, enough to attract visitors all eyes.



    "Are you calling me to live that kind of luxury villas, I really could live, I prefer living in a studio, here is my living room, a friend comes I will ask him to tea, see these pictures, I very dependable, really." Zhou chunya said.



    Only let zhou chunya "has the so-called" is his studio: "made a lifetime of money, that is, in order to improve the studio, or in order to keep the painting."


    Drawing, zhou chunya is the most important thing in life love, "if you think your art is useful to the society, to get more work is right, is better than you said a lot of words, to participate in many activities. I love life, I love a person, I like nature, it's the source of my creation. If I have no love, no love, I'm numb, I wouldn't draw."


    Chinese artists lack of communicate with the world


    Than about his personal topic, zhou chunya prefer to chat with reporters about China's cultural soft power "big issue".

  “中国现在很被动的一个问题是经济发达了,国家强大了,文化却不见得在全世界有多大的发言权。其实文化软实力非常重要,优秀的电影、绘画、音乐,全世界的人都会喜欢它,没有任何政治因素。”   在周春芽看来,中国现在已经具备“提升文化软实力”的实力,有优秀的艺术家、文学家、诗人、音乐家。但缺乏跟世界的交流,也不能完全体现现代人的价值观念。

    "China is now a passive one problem is the economy developed, the country strong, culture but not how say all over the world. In fact cultural soft power is very important, a good film, painting, music, the world will like it, don't have any political factor." In zhou chunya's view, China now has "cultural soft power" increased strength, have excellent artists, writers, poets, musicians. But the lack of communicate with the world, also can't fully reflect the values of modern.



    Zhou chunya said: "we also emphasize the cultural exchange and promotion for the purpose of the Confucius institute is to make cultural exchanges, but the purpose is not up to, and finally became a language institute. From another perspective, it's also important to promote Chinese language, but this is not a culture, after all, Confucius is far away from us. From Confucius to contemporary China produced many outstanding philosophers, artists, these can be introduced to foreign countries. The state is now aware of the problem, but the specific how make, or want to rely on the artist, accomplished by cultural experts."

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